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Instantly feel better with the newest form of self-care with a personal IV hydration drip. Book before Father’s Day and schedule your drip anytime before June 22.

Your $49 Drip Includes:

  • 1 liter of IV fluids — Fluids go directly into the bloodstream allowing for 100% absorption. It’s full of electrolytes and minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.
  • B12  Did you know vegans are more at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency? B12 is an essential vitamin found in animal-based proteins. When you’re deficient in B12, you feel tired and weak. B12 also improves sleep patterns, reduces depression and is an anti-inflammatory.
  • B Complex — An awesome combination of B1, B2, B3 and B6. These B vitamins are involved in the processes for cell restoration and metabolism.
  • Glutathione (pronounced gloota-thigh-own) — Also known as “the mother of all antioxidants,” protects against serious disease and is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system. Every cell in your body produces it and depletion is associated with disease and aging. Glutathione is poorly absorbed as an oral supplement, which makes IV the way to go! It promotes a strong immune system and helps prevent drug resistance. 
  • 1 Medication of Your Choice
    Toradol — anti-inflammatory
    Zofran — anti-nausea
    Pepcid — antacid
  • This offer is for brand new customers only

Or you can upgrade to any other drip up to a $159 value for an additional $29 (includes Hydrate Hangover, Hydrate Wellness, Hydrate Basic, Myers Cocktail, Hydrate Epic Hangover and Hydrate Jet Lag). Hydrate Beauty and Hydrate Athlete are also available but not included in this offer.

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You’ll be under the watchful eyes of trained medical professionals who will pamper you with sting-free spray, tons of smiles and phenomenal care. The hydration therapy sessions are relaxing, calming experiences that take less than one hour. We treat you like you’re the next rock star, boss and mogul.

If you’re an existing Hydrate customer, you receive one free drip booster of choice on your next drip, which can include Glutathione, Vitamin C or an extra medicine!

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Now it’s time for you Brand New Customers to schedule a date and time and to pay for your $49 first drip. We look forward to meeting you and to showing you the exciting and healthy world of personal drips. Thank you from all of us at Hydrate Medical in Lake Norman!